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Circle Of Friends

Zoom. Laugh. Learn.

An online interactive circle time program

Circle of Friends is an online interactive toddler enrichment program. Through music, story time, dramatic play, and direct instruction, the program focuses on basic preschool readiness concepts, expressive and receptive language skills, and social and emotional development! 

Basic Concepts

Categories; colors; opposites; directions; etc.

Expressive and Receptive Language

Auditory comprehension; pre-verbal and verbal skills; listening and speaking vocabulary

Social and Emotional Development

Emotions; gestures; nonverbal language; social greetings


You'll have so much fun you won't even realize you're learning! 

Ask about our upcoming programs!

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Mother - Daughter Duo

Sammy is a speech-language pathologist and Vicki, affectionately referred to as "Lovey," is an education specialist and former preschool and special education teacher


Sammy earned her Bachelor's Degree at Washington University in St. Louis and received a Master's of Science in Communication Disorders at Emerson College in Boston.  She has been practicing as a speech-language pathologist for over 10 years.  She lives in Marina Del Rey with her husband, one year old daughter, and dog.

"Lovey" worked as a preschool teacher for over 30 years and as a special education teacher in a full inclusion program, servicing children with special needs. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren. 

What Parents Think

"Miss Vicki is by far one of the finest child educators I have ever known.  Her genuine love, creativity, talent and compassion are remarkable.”

Lee Anderson, Principal 

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